HUBER Zagęszczacz ślimakowy S-DRUM

HUBER Screw Thickener for big wastewater treatment plants

  • Sturdy, highly efficient, flexibly applicable sludge thickening unit

A preceding flocculation reactor with stirrer ensures a sludge flock quality that allows thickening of the stabilized flocks. The screw thickener is comprised of an inclined wedge section basket. A screw, slowly rotating with variable speed, conveys the sludge gently upward through the inclined basket. Water drains through the basket.

The degree of thickening is adjustable by means of a height adjustable weir plate in the sludge discharge and the variable screw speed. Wedge wire cleaning is performed during screw operation by means of an automatic washing system.



Advantages of the HUBER Rotary Screw Thickener S-DRUM

  • Sludge volume reduction to up to 90 %
  • Sturdy design for high solids loads and coarse material containing sludge
  • Maximum system availability due to the virtually wear-resistant and clog-free stainless steel wedge section basket
  • No need for lubrication
  • High operational reliability due to the defined discharge velocity
  • Completely encapsulated, odour-free plant
  • Low noise < 68 dB(A)

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