Environmental Policy and Ecology

"A commitment to the environment"

We understand ourselves as a technology company committed to environmental protection. With our products and solutions we provide innovative and efficient services for the field of water supply, wastewater disposal, process water and sludge treatment. Our responsibility for the environment is not limited to the conception of our products but includes also state-of-theart manufacturing technology to relieve the environment and be sparing with our resources. This is an idea all HUBER employees and subsidiaries are committed to.

Environmental commitment is incorporated in HUBER's Vision & Mission Statement:
We declare our commitment to the following environmental policy guidelines:

6. Responsibility for the environment and society
Clean water is essential for life. Not only are we active in this market segment and contribute with our solutions to the benefit and protection of our environment, we are also focused on acting in accordance with ecological principles in our external environment. This is an integral part of our social responsibility and is communicated externally.

We declare our commitment to the following environmental policy guidelines:

  • The responsibility for environmental protection starts at the company management level.
  • We consider environmental protection as a measure necessary to achieve our business goals. The realisation of the environmental goals should take place within the scope of the financially and technically feasible. Environment-related aspects are therefore integrated in the decision and action structure of our management system. We commit ourselves to observe environmental laws and regulations.
  • Environmental protection is a substantial managerial function. Superiors have an important exemplary function and carry responsibility.
  • The cooperation of all employees is required to be able to implement the environmental policy. Extensive information is therefore provided for the employees in all company divisions and the complete staff is integrated in the environmental protection concept.
  • Ecology is an integral part of all our training and programs. We inform our employees about environmental protection activities in the company and encourage them to show personal responsibility and ecological awareness within the scope of their job. Environmental protection is part of our employee suggestion system.
  • Within the scope of our planning and control system the progress in internal environmental protection is constantly verified, as much as possible in a quantified form, and checked against our goals and programs. Also evaluated and monitored are the effects of the activities on the local environment.
  • We undertake regular environmental audits in order to secure our internal environmental protection and verify the efficiency of our policy, goals and programs.
  • It is our aim to still more include environmental aspects in our product developing processes. In doing so we pay attention to the improvement of product functionality and at the same time minimised consumption of resources and increased environmental compatibility of the production process. The whole product life cycle is checked for weak points. Provisions are made early enough in our work flows, activities and processes (IPP).
  • As to the few activities and processes that are critical in ecological terms but unavoidable, we work out emergency plans, wherever possible in cooperation with authorities and the institutions involved. We take the organisational and technical measures that are necessary to prevent the emission of dangerous substances.
  • All new processes we plan and implement are stateof-the-art processes. Continuous improvement of the internal environmental protection is achieved by applying appropriate measures and implementing the respective projects.
  • With appropriate technical and organisational measures we minimize the volume of waste and residual materials, polluting emissions and wastewaters. The effects of activities being undertaken are constantly monitored.
  • We exert influence on our suppliers and service providers in terms of our environmental policy.
  • We provide our customers with information about environmental compatibility of our products related to their handling, use, recycling and disposal.
  • We rely on the fruitful cooperation we maintain with authorities, other companies and the public. All the information required to understand the impacts of the company’s activities on the environment is available. We regularly provide information about our environmental activities.
  • Ecology is a basic principle of our production.