World's largest project for energy recovery from wastewater

Toronto Western Hospital - soon supplied with green energy from wastewater

Noventa Energy Partners relies on HUBER ThermWin

Noventa Energy Partners is using innovative technology to reduce the negative environmental impact of the existing energy supply for the Toronto Western Hospital. Over the life of this project, Toronto Western Hospital will see a cumulative reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 169,000 tonnes - equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of approximately 52,000 cars.

Mayor of the City of Toronto: "Great initiative to tackle climate change"

These figures are matched by the statement of John Tory, Mayor of the City of Toronto. At the project announcement on 16 April 2021, he emphasised in his speech that this new wastewater project in Toronto is a great initiative to tackle climate change in everyday life. He said he hopes that the success of this project will allow similar technologies and initiatives to be implemented across the city to achieve the climate change goals that have been set.

HUBER ThermWin system enables operation of pandemic early warning system

According to Dennis Fotinos, founder and CEO of Noventa Energy Partners, the project provides the hospital with significant savings in operating costs in addition to substantial energy and environmental benefits. Furthermore, the HUBER ThermWin system enables the operation of a pandemic early warning system. A university affiliated to the hospital can thus specifically analyse the wastewater for pathogens and other harmful toxins. This enables an early and better response to a new pandemic. In addition, Fotinos emphasised the great support from the Canadian government.

Future recovery heat covers about 85% of the heating and cooling needs

The new system will provide clean energy to the Toronto Western Hospital, using recovered heat from wastewater and the sewage system. This will cover about 85% of the hospital's heating and cooling needs. HUBER will supply 16 HUBER Heat Exchanger RoWin units size 8 and 3 HUBER Pumping Stations Screen ROTAMAT® RoK4 700 XL units with 6 mm perforated plate for the first stage of this project. In the next few years, an extension of the energy transfer station is planned, which is already taken into account during the construction of the buildings and the wastewater shafts.

Noventa is HUBER's exclusive distributor for the HUBER ThemWin system throughout North America. Noventa in Canada and the respective teams at HUBER in the USA and at HUBER in Germany have been working together for three years to develop customised solutions around the innovative and sustainable topic of "heating and cooling with wastewater".