Conveyor technology made by HUBER SE: Indispensable and reliable

No other type of machines manufactured by HUBER SE are applied as universally as the HUBER conveyors. Whether in wastewater screening or grit/sludge treatment, HUBER conveyors ensure the reliable transport of material to downstream systems and are therefore indispensable for problem-free plant operation.

HUBER SE offers three different types of machine for the conveyance of materials:

Type of machine

Processable medium

HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8 T, trough conveyor

- Untreated or compacted screenings
- Grit
- Sludge (dewatered or dry)

HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8, closed pipe conveyor

- Untreated or compacted screenings
- Grit
- Sludge (dewatered or dry)

HUBER Launder Channel HLC

- Untreated screenings
- Grit

HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8 T transporting dewatered sludge on STP Hausen. Freely rotating discharge system with an adjustable chute for easy, variable container feeding
WWTP Atotonilco, the first of two coarse screen lines with 5 big HUBER RakeMax® screens, with direct discharge into a HUBER Launder Channel HLC with a length of 30m

Trough-shaped screw conveyors are mainly used for horizontal or slightly inclined installations whereas pipe conveyors are applied for installations with steep angles or even vertical installations.  Both conveyor types are available on the market with diverse diameters and screw designs. The HUBER products excel for their unrivalled manufacturing quality and inventive discharge systems for container feeding.

In the past years, another type of transport technology has increasingly been used in the field of preliminary mechanical wastewater treatment for the transport of untreated "raw material": launder channel systems.

Their advantages over conventional screw conveyors can be summed up as follows:

  • Simple technique without relevant wearing parts
  • Suitable also for the use with very high peak loads (no matter whether coarse or fine screenings)
  • Long conveying distances of > 40 m are no problem and cost only a fraction of the price of a screw conveyor

The large-scale launder channel projects that have been executed all over the world in mechanical wastewater treatment whether for coarse or fine screenings speak for themselves:

  • Atotonilco, Mexico - 10.500.000 PE
  • Dublin Bay, Ireland - 2.000.000 PE
  • Konstrop, UK - 2.000.000 PE
  • Mitchell Laiths, UK - 2.000.000 PE

Advantages of the HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8 / Ro8 T

  • Universally applicable to suit any customer-specific requirements
  • The use of screw conveyors with a central shaft permits covering of very long distances > 30 m with low wear
  • For variable machine / container feeding systems

Advantages of the HUBER Launder Channel HLC

  • Transport of coarse and fine screenings or grit
  • Wastewater or service water as flushing water
  • Up to 40 m channel length
  • High operating reliability, low maintenance requirements
  • Customized solutions