HUBER Дисковий згущувач осаду S-DISC

Unique sludge thickener for efficient sludge treatment

  • For wastewater treatment plants up to 200,000 PE

The heart of the S-DISC Disc Thickener is an inclined, slowly rotating filter disc that separates flocculated sludge from filtrate. A baffle plate distributes the inflow from the flocculation reactor evenly across the entire filter radius. Flexibly supported plows divide and move the sludge layer on the disc and open up furrows so that water can easily drain through the filter cloth, thus enhancing the filtration effect. As the filter disc continuously rotates, a scraper pushes the thickened sludge from the disk. The filter cloth is backwashed with a spray bar.



Advantages of the HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC

  • Sludge volume reduction up to 90%
  • Extremely favourable price for quality as 80 % of the filter surface are permanently utilised
  • Compact design
  • Maximum system availability due to the long-life stainless steel filter cloth
  • No need for lubrication
  • Minimised coagulant agent consumption due to the preceding flocculation reactor and gentle sludge feeding
  • Minimum control requirements
  • Easy to operate
  • Possibility to watch the filtration process inside the completely encapsulated unit
  • Low noise < 68 dB(A)

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