Установка тонкої фільтрації

Increasing hydraulic loads, insufficient tank depth and the poor settling behaviour of activated sludge are the most frequent reasons why wastewater treatment plants are unable to reliably meet today’s minimum requirements on solids retention in the outlet. The increased loads of COD, BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus in the effluent will finally result in higher wastewater fees and increase the load of oxygen-consuming substances in receiving watercourses. Especially the accumulation of the nutrients phosphate and nitrate in surface waters can lead to eutrophication, growth of algae and water plants, oxygen depletion, and to fish dying and death of other water animals.

A downstream micro screen is a quick, efficient and economical solution in order to achieve a virtually solids-free effluent and eliminate oxygen-consuming substances.

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Other fields of application:

  • Micro screening to protect or increase the efficiency of downstream treatment systems (UV disinfection for example)
  • Micro screening of wastewater after powdered activated carbon application (elimination of micro pollutants)
  • Micro screening of raw wastewater prior to discharge into waters
  • Treatment of service and process water, closing water loops (e.g. in food and chemical industry)
  • Treatment of rain water containing suspended solids (e.g. road run-off)