HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® in operation at a disposal company

The clever alternative - example Francois

Screw presses have established themselves in the dewatering of municipal and industrial surplus sludge in recent years and have become a cost-effective, low-maintenance and operator-friendly alternative to centrifuges, belt presses or chamber filter presses. HUBER has meanwhile equipped several thousand plants and the machines are not only used for sewage sludge dewatering on municipal wastewater treatment plants, but also for industrial residual sludges (e.g. flotate sludge, sludge containing fibres, etc.) and even mineral sludge such as from mining, or for dewatering sludge from tunnel construction.

HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS®, installed in a semi-trailer

Many, especially smaller, municipal or industrial plants do not set up own dewatering systems, but rely entirely on cooperation with local disposal contractors. In this case, the sludge produced is temporarily stacked at the wastewater treatment plants and then regularly (once or twice a year) dewatered with the help of container or trailer-based systems and usually collected and recycled by the disposal company.

The Francois Company from Rittersdorf in the Eifel is a medium-sized disposal company that provides this service for many municipalities and industries in the region. More and more screw compactors are now being installed in trailers and semi-trailers. The decisive factor here is that the systems are operated fully automatically and are also equipped with remote monitoring or access so that they can be operated as unmanned as possible after start-up. Francois currently has two HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 440.2 machines installed in two-axle trailers and one HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 620.2 in a semi-trailer according to the requirements. The plants are designed and manufactured by HUBER according to the needs of Francois. Especially the smaller plants Q-PRESS® size 440.2 are ideal solutions in terms of logistics and throughput capacity and thus serve the smaller and medium-sized sewage treatment plants in sewage sludge dewatering.

In addition to these contract dewatering tasks with mobile plants, Francois also operates partnerships with industrial companies. For example, the sludge disposal of a large milk processor in the region has been organised for many years. For this purpose, Francois has replaced the corresponding dewatering system on the dairy's premises with a HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® 440.2 and operates it there as part of the disposal agreement.

The following link shows a YouTube video of the sludge press at disposal company Francois: