Improved security for working in manholes – safe opening and access

Manhole cover with antifall guard – closed

Manholes fulfil an important task in water supply and wastewater disposal. They are used for example where shut-off fittings in pipelines must be accessible, or to control sections of very long pipelines, and for aeration/deaeration or access to complex installations (e.g. well shafts, pressure reduction shafts, and many other).

Safe access must be ensured in each individual application.

The operators of manhole structures are responsible themselves for the security of their manholes!

Operating staff has to observe numerous instructions that should avoid accidents if applied correctly. Any work to be executed in manholes must be done by two persons. For security reasons, one person must stay outside the manhole.

Most of the manholes are entered from the top. This means that operating staff must open a cover and climb into the manhole via a certified climbing system combined with a suitable, also certified entrance aid. They must bend over the manhole opening already when opening the cover.

Manhole cover with antifall guard – open

Frequently, a lot of force is necessary to open the covers, especially if they are bigger. The risk of falling while opening the cover is high, but accidents can happen due to carelessness also when the cover is already open and without being secured sufficiently.

The installation of antifall guards can prevent accidents and provides a reliable protection against falling when opening manhole covers. The guards can be closed to secure the opening while working inside for a longer time. Nevertheless, the guards are designed to let in enough daylight.

The antifall guards are dowelled into the manhole neck below the manhole cover and snap in automatically when opened. Due to their special design they provide sufficient stability to prevent that anyone can fall down.

Such antifall guards can any time be retrofitted into existing manholes.