HUBER qualifies for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi

ROTAMAT® Fine Screen Ro 1 and ClimbMax® screens
ROTAMAT® Fine Screen Ro 1 and ClimbMax® screens

„Hot. Cool. Yours.“ is the motto of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. To be well-prepared for this mega-event numerous infrastructure measures have already been implemented in Russia. One of them was a new sewage treatment plant for the town Adler which belongs to the administrative district Sochi. HUBER supplied a number of products for the mechanical pretreatment stage and tertiary filtration.

During the time from November 2010 until March 2011 we delivered the following machines to STP Adler-Sochi:

  • 6 HUBER ClimbMax® screens, size 2900x1000x40 (as coarse screens)
  • 6 ROTAMAT® Ro1 fine screens, size 1600/6 (as fine screens)
  • 1 ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyor Ro 8t 355-10000
  • 1 ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyor Ro 8t 355-19200
  • 2 COANDA Grit Classifier RoSF 3-2 units
  • 8 RoDisc® screens with 18 μm stainless steel mesh (for tertiary filtration)
RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screens at the plant
RoDisc® Rotary Mesh Screens at the plant
6 HUBER ClimbMax® Screens
6 HUBER ClimbMax® Screens

The plant is designed for a daily flow of 100,000 m³ wastewater. The pretreatment
stage on STP Adler consists of six treatment lines, four of them for normal operation and two of them as stand-by. The maximum throughput per line is 435 litres per second with full capacity utilisation. One year before the Olympics, however, the plant is not yet operated at full capacity.

It was quite long ago, in 2008, when our local partner company Ecopolymer, in cooperation with the general planners Rostovgiproschacht, started working on the planning and design of STP Adler-Sochi and selecting the suitable machines for this major project.

They finally submitted their detailed project plan for approval to a committee made up of the responsible persons of Yugvodokanal and Olympstroy. Yugvodokanal are the operators of STP Adler. Olympstroy was founded as a regional development agency especially for the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi and acts as the investor and builder.

After the approval of the project Vektor 200 was selected as the main contractor for the complete plant. The order for the supply of the equipment for the wastewater treatment plant was placed with Beton & Rohrbau C.-F. Thymian Berlin, a co-partner of HST-WKS Dresden. In spring 2010, HAST-WKS‘s subsidiary Optiwab, which is responsible for their export business in Eastern Europe, finally commissioned HUBER to manufacture and supply the machines listed above. We supplied the equipment components as several deliveries during the time from October 2010 until March 2011.

In April 2011, HUBER fitters were on site for the first time to monitor the installation of the machines and carry out dry start-up. They also monitored the installation of the RoDisc® screen and helped with advice. During several more site visits the HUBER engineers could watch the progress of the building measures which will punctually be finished as planned before the Olympic Winter Games. Due to the Olympic Games 2014 the Sochi region will profit from some more measures, such as the new pumping station and sewage treatment plant Bsugu for which HUBER supplied coarse screens, fine screens including screenings treatment systems, grit washers and disc filters which, however, have not been installed yet. Read more details in one of our next Newsletter issues.

Sochi seems to be well prepared for the grand opening of the Games on 7th February 2014. Until 23d February, the athletes will have the chance to win in 98 competitions and 7 disciplines. With the large-scale project STP Adler HUBER has come off as a winner already now.