Systems Concept for On-Site Sludge Incineration

optimized grate furnace incineration exhaust gas cleaning from incineration - NOx reduction, dry sorption, dedusting sponsored by LIFE exhaust air treatment from belt dryer: reduced emissions and immissions feed of dewatered sludge micro gas turbine - power generation sludge drying with HUBER Middle Temperature Belt Dryer BT+ exhaust air heat exchanger

The Systems Concept

1 Feed of dewatered sludge
2 HUBER Middle Temperature Belt Dryer BT
3 Grate furnace incineration
4 Exhaust air heat exchanger
5 Micro gas turbine: power generation
6 Exhaust gas cleaning from incineration
7 Exhaust air treatment from belt dryer
2 BT+


HUBER Belt Dryer BT

Middle temperature dryer for energy-saving and eco-friendly drying of municipal and industrial sludges in compliance with European and international standards. Results in a dry, granular, disinfected (Class A), easy and safe to handle biosolids product.

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